Is a project that acts as a follow up for the networking of partner organizations from the event 'Think-Meet-Debate-Include-Europe' plus includes a wider network of participating organizations dealing with informal education. The decision for the follow up followed the extremely good evaluation of the first event and the expressed wish of the participating organizations to organize a longer event with a more diverse methodology for debating European issues with a special interest to youth. The main aims of the proposed event are:

i)    to strengthen the network of partner organizations already established through the first event (all of the participating organizations from the first event agreed to participate and support the idea of future cooperation. As a sign of their commitment to the idea of trans-European networking of similar organizations we also signed a non-formal Charter of Cooperation);

ii)    multiply the effects of exchange of best practices to a wider network of partners (the proposed event is upgraded by the inclusion of 4 new partner which enriches the cultural diversity on the debated issues and empowers more young people. One day will be devoted exclusively to institutional networking in a local and international environment);

iii)    to upgrade methodological framework of the first event (the methodology of the first event will be upgraded through the inclusion of simulation of European Parliament as a an active method of learning. The participants will in this way have the chance to test their skills of public speaking and advocacy through simulating a real life environment of the EP) and

iv)    continue the debate about the current dilemmas of Europe through a participatory and democratic approach (the general themes will cover the issues connected to the Europe 2020 strategy and the Lisbon treaty with a specific focus on youth issues like unemployment, mobility, political participation, role of internet and ecology).

Partner organizations in the project include:

The project was made possible through the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.

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