THBT European public education system is out of touch with the job market

THBT online activism is counterproductive. 

THBT the countries of the European Union should tax products according to their environmental and social footprint. 

THW sanction EU member states that do not ensure protection of sexual minorities

THBT we should tax products according to their environmental and social footprint

THBT the European Parliament should reject ACTA

THBT sports should not receive any public funding

THW make EU universities free.

THB there cannot be equal opportunities without a strong welfare state.

THBT Europe 2020 has failed youth

THBT European Parliament needs a trans-European pirate party.

THBT Poverty is the biggest threat to social peace and security

THBT High youth unemployment makes EU longterm prosperity impossible.

This house supports Anonymous

THBT Anonymous are terrorists.

THBT The fear of economic crisis has more negative effects than the crisis itself.

THBT Assimilation is a better model than integration for creating cohesive EU societies.

THBT Countries of the EU should have a common history book.

THBT There can be no EU economic union without a political one.

THBT The democratic promise of the Internet has failed.

THBT We should introduce a tax on transactions in the EU.

THBT the internet should be regulated just like all other media

THW favour employers that hire young people over those that hire older workers

THBT today's young generation of Europeans has less opportunities than they're parents did

THBT the EU should strongly encourage young families to have more than one child

THBT the internet is a public good

THBT social media has made traditional media obsolete

THBT the EU is in a crisis of democracy

THBT the youth of Europe is not properly represented in decision making

THBT that an unregulated internet does more harm than good

THBT Facebook should be controlled democratically by it's users

THW implement the electronic vote for European Parliament elections

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