Beijing China (25.04. – 03.05.2011)

the things we have done:

-presented and discussed the different aspects of Chinese, Lithuanian, Thai and Slovene culture and history

- participated in workshops about argumentation and public speaking

- prepared the motions and schedule for the upcoming internet debates (follow us on Facebook)

- debated and discussed eight different debate topics related to the EU-Asia relations

the things we have seen:

- Olympic Green,

- The Forbidden City and

- The Great Wall

the topics that were discussed:

‘We should return the cultural artefacts to the area of their origin’,

‘China should adopt European environmental standards’,

‘Europe should apologize for the opium wars’,

‘We should not oblige children to be financially responsible for the care of their elderly parents’,

'Internet social networking sites should be democratically administrated by their users',

'We should lower the voting age' and

'We should financially incentivize inter-ethnic and inter-cultural marriages'.

More impressions and insights in the newsletter prepared after the event. Read it here!

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