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Project partners recognize that migration and multiculturalism represent an issue of growing concern in the European Union and wider, but at the same time identify these processes as offering endless source of cultural enrichment and prosperity. We believe that it is necessary to evaluate these themes through a multinational perspective and with that in mind we’re sure that debate can help us to critically assess these new challenges.

With these goals in mind the eight day event entitled ‘Debate answering the challenges of immigration and multiculturalism’ supported by the European Commission Programme ‘Europe for Citizens’ aims to bring together university students from Europe and wider and expose them to high-quality training in argumentation and public speaking, create a safe environment for the critical evaluation of different ideas about the future development of European union and its role in the world and to promote the idea of critical (European) citizenship.

The project partners strongly believe in the power of (non-formal) education to achieve the goals of the promotion of the selected themes and the role it plays in internalization of the common values based at the core of any democratic citizenship.

This section of the web page is created to offer information on the event and to facilitate future cooperation between the partners on the issues of common interest.

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