IDAS is back!

We kindly invite you to the 14th International Debate Academy Slovenia – IDAS 2017, an intense week of World University Debate Format/British Parliamentary Debate Format training and debate tournament which will happen from November 18 (arrival) to 25 (semi-finals, finals and departure) in Kranjska gora and Ljubljana, Slovenia.

IDAS is a jointed event by Pro et contra, Institute for culture of dialogue Slovenia and World Debate Institute, USA. The program is aimed at university students, teachers, debate instructors, organizers, and judges. It uses the WUDC/BP format, and will be conducted in English. In 13 years of IDAS there were more than 1300 participants from more than 40 countries and the program have had an important impact to the university debate programs in the region and globally – from Serbia to USA. Trainers usually come from different parts of the world, having an extensive expertise in the format as professional coaches, trainers and judges or debaters with the highest achievements at the global WUDC tournaments.

Please, join us at to follow the updates where you also can check the programs and trainers from previous IDASs.

TRAINING PROGRAM is very intense and demands an active participation of all participants. Morning debate theory lectures are followed by exercises, there are two practice debates per day and a wide selection of debate and content electives. Program is diverse, targetting different expectactions and level of experience, very useful for debaters with little and with a lot of experiences. There is also a special track for coaches, trainers, judges and teachers who would like to start using debate in different settings – from debate clubs to regular classrooms.

Trainers and judges who already confirmed their participations at IDAS 2017: Maja Cimerman, Duncan Crowe, Lindsey Dixon, Gina Iberri – Shea, Julia Mikić, Rhydian Morgan, Arlan Navaraez. More to be announced!

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